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We are serious about taking care of the communities and places where we operate. It matters to our talents, our clients, our investors, our future workforce, and all the other people we come into contact with, and it matters to us.

In everything we do, we act as a responsible, trusted leader in our field, with environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles embedded throughout the business and driven at the highest level of the organization. 

Our vision

We drive forward on ESG at both global and local level:

  • Group-wide ambitions, guidelines and initiatives create a shared vision and common targets, promoting ESG buy-in and continuous improvement across all our geographies.
  • Our commitment to the highest ethical standards is delivered through robust governance, embodied in our Group Code of Ethics, which all staff commit to, and our Group Diversity & Inclusion Initiative ensures we reflect the communities we serve.
  • Our Group-wide goals and initiatives provide a shared sense of purpose and direction to our local teams, who contribute through activities relevant to their own communities – whether that’s reforestation programs in Madagascar or partnerships with local NGOs in Latam or Eastern Europe.

We monitor our activity through KPIs at local and Group level to track progress, provide transparency and drive improvement. As well as signing up to the voluntary UN Global Compact, we engage with external CSR audit and accreditation initiatives at local level, holding the Responsibility Europe CSR Label 2021 and the highest level of the Engaged CSR Label.


Our objective is to achieve sustainable growth, recognizing our corporate responsibility to help address the climate and biodiversity crisis. That includes:


Our objective is to make a positive impact on the communities where we live and operate and to create an inclusive and nurturing working environment. Activity ranges from our global Women@Comdata program to promoting employment of people with disabilities to partnerships with local education and health NGOs. 


Our objective is to conduct our business ethically, in line with the law and our own Code of Ethics, and to show integrity in how we deal with our stakeholders. That includes having strong policies on whistle-blowing, anti-corruption, and data protection, promoted and enforced at all levels of the organization, and introducing ESG reporting as part of our governance framework.

Corporate policies

Code of ethics

The Code of Ethics contains a set of ethical and professional principles and values, such as the behavioural guidelines that the Comdata Group recognises, shares and applies at all levels. The principles of the Code of Ethics are examples of the general obligations of diligence, fairness and loyalty that must qualify the performance of work performance and behavior in the workplace. In compliance with Legislative Decree 231/01, the company has also adopted an organisation, management and control model aimed at preventing the commission of crimes considered potentially applicable among those listed in the list of the law.

Whistleblowing Policy

If you suspect any misconduct or unethical behavior, please visit the Comdata Business Ethics Helpline website where you may report your concern. This tool is accessible to employees and anyone who is in contact with the company and aims to encourage and facilitate the collaboration of everyone to prevent the occurrence of non-conformities or irregularities within the organization or to resolve them promptly, ensuring to the reporter the protection and confidentiality of the information provided, as well as anonymity if desired. The Comdata Business Ethics Helpline website is based on the values fully expressed in our Group Code of Ethic and, as required by law, is hosted and managed by an external and independent company.

Anti-corruption Policy


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