“My colleagues around the world bring so much to the table.”

Can you tell us about your international working arrangements?

I am lucky to work in an international team, with my colleagues based in different Comdata countries all over the world. It is very enriching to be in an environment where I learn new things every day and where my colleagues bring so much to the table. Although everyone’s scope is different, we are all part of the same team and we all share successes. 

Is this way of working the future of work, and why?

No doubt about it. In companies like Comdata, teams will tend to become more and more international. Improvement comes from sharing good practice, but also from learning together from those experiences that don’t go so well.

In a department like Procurement, the aggregation of needs and volumes is essential. As part of a global team with a complete vision, our contribution helps the different local and regional buyers to get in touch with each other, achieving better outcomes and thus a greater positive impact on the company.

I’m very proud to belong to such a team. 

How do you and your colleagues manage any practical challenges around multi-country working?

I am in daily contact with my colleagues, and Comdata’s great technological infrastructure helps us to communicate, without losing contact, any time we want.

In addition, G-suite helps us to work as a team, and we can edit documents simultaneously, and also standardize reports and information.

In mid-2021, the GEP Procurement tool was implemented across the business, the first global tool in Comdata. It was a great challenge in which the entire Comdata Procurement team, together with IT, gave their best and from which we have already been able to see results. It’s very satisfying to see how the effort everyone invested is really paying off!


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