“DE&I are the crucial ingredients for the formation of a beautiful and strong team.“

Can you tell us your own personal experiences of how Comdata supports diversity & inclusion?

I gladly define myself as part of the double minority! Without any prejudice! 

When I arrived in the company in 2007, I was immediately well received and well supported. Thanks among other things are due to the late Mr Salome, my first HR Manager, who had the courage to give me a permanent contract. I never felt like one collaborator too many, nor like a collaborator apart.

Proof of my full integration into this company is that, as someone from here and elsewhere, I feel completely a member of this group.  The effort is made so that I work in the optimal conditions for productivity: I have at my disposal an adapted workstation, management and follow-up that provide me with confidence, and a willingness to listen that I find exceptional. This induces on my part a complete sense of involvement.

Coming from diversity in several different respects, do I feel fully a member of Comdata? Yes! Comdata supports diversity and inclusion, and I am living proof of that.

Why do the benefits of diversity & inclusion matter in the workplace?

The benefits of diversity and inclusion are important in the workplace as they keep us focused on our production and productivity goals. Because we have to team up before forming a team, focusing on diversities in order to create clans can, de facto, put the notion of team in danger.

So diversity and inclusion are the crucial ingredients for the formation of a beautiful and strong team. Being in this dynamic helps us to feel good about our colleagues, and good about our hierarchy. 

This positive atmosphere that inhabits us boosts productivity and attracts customers. Everyone finds something to gain in this operation, we constitute large communities.

Are you part of any other diversity & inclusion initiatives outside work?

Outside work, I am very involved in the disabled sport movement. To date, I hold the positions of:

– Deputy Vice-President of the Regional Committee Handisport des Hauts de France ( CRH HDF)

– President of the Departmental Committee Handisport of the Somme (CDHS)

– President of Club Handisport Amiens Métropole 

– And Coach of apara basketball team that has just finished this season as vice-champion of France forNationale 1C. 


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