“Comdata is an inexhaustible source of great ideas that pique my curiosity.”

Can you tell us your career path to being a Supervisor at Comdata?

With pleasure. I joined Comdata in 2009, young but with work and study experience behind me that had already started to “build” me. So I started this adventure in the company full of the enthusiasm and curiosity of youth, and Comdata was immediately an inexhaustible source of ideas that have, more and more, piqued my curiosity. 

Maybe because of this curiosity, maybe because of the energy I have always tried to put into this adventure, my Team Leader at the time chose me to become a Coach and then a Team Leader. This allowed me to refine and extend my knowledge, with the result that, in March 2020, I was offered the amazing opportunity to become the Supervisor I am today.


Have training and development been important in your career growth?

I would say, yes, training, development and innovation are the basis of my career growth, and are one of the fundamental pillars of our company. And the courses they design for us are always absolutely relevant to our daily working lives. One recent example is the training meetings we had for the management of smart working. They were fundamental in a period like this, because they taught us to reinvent ourselves, to reorganize and structure our work to guarantee us the right level of serenity and to transmit that to all those who work with us. It’s through approaches like this that a company can always be considered a WINNER!


And tell us about your life outside work?

I am a person who loves to have fun both at work and outside work. I think the trick to move forward is always to be  yourself, combining education and professionalism with the desire to do things. So I could write a book about my millions of adventures outside work. What matters is to be happy and always have fun.


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