“We enhance our people by investing in agile continuous learning."

You train both agents and other trainers. Can you tell us about that?

I am in charge of the operational training for employees and new operators. I oversee and take care of the design and coordination of our operational training courses, including ‘train the trainer’ activities and courses for existing staff.

I also support staff and the new operators in the ‘Training on the Job’ (TOJ) and Nursery  phase, coordinating all the training they need to perform their roles at full strength. 

I started with Comdata in 2009, and since 2018 have been one of the main training contacts in Lecce. I’ve had great opportunities to grow both professionally and personally.


Why does Comdata put such effort into training staff?

Comdata enhances its employees by investing in dynamic and agile continuous learning. We no longer think in terms of classrooms but about tailor-made training courses that guide, involve and support staff in a continuous and constant way.

In addition to managing resources and processes, staff must be able to implement strategies and develop their emotional intelligence, safely facing all the challenges that arise on a daily basis. This allows them to achieve any kind of goals – and not only goals relating to economics and revenues. 

Overall, we want to develop a wide range of skills and also people’s awareness of the importance of skills, always focusing on productivity and always encouraging employees’ team spirit, motivation and happiness. That way, everyone benefits – both the business and the individual.

 I think of it like planting a seed. Thanks to constant care and nurturing, it survives storms or challenges, grows strong, and finally becomes a flourishing tree with solid roots and plenty of fruit. It’s the same here: by helping our staff through any emergencies or unforeseen dramas, we help to develop a solid team, ready to face any challenges and resolve them as quickly as possible, and growing stronger and more together every day.

What makes you good at training people?

I like to think I’m a good trainer, thanks to my enthusiasm, my passion, and my desire to always seek new approaches and methods that make training more innovative. These are characteristics that I share daily with all my colleagues in the trainers’ group.

My target is to create personal training tailored to employees’ capabilities and tasks. To do this, it’s necessary to create an effective mix of theory and practice, human and digital. I choose content that makes our training courses focused on effective and precise targets, enhancing the time available, optimizing productivity, and using lean and effective training approaches.

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