“What I have achieved in a year at Comdata, I would not have been able to achieve in any other company.”

Can you tell us about your flexible working arrangements with Comdata?

Comdata has excellent working conditions that are perfectly adapted to employees’ lives. 

In most job roles, employees can set the length of their employment, and Comdata is also very willing to vary working hours to suit the requirements of each employee.

In my case, that means I can devote myself fully to my college studies, my family and my hobbies. I can also use my free time for further education or courses, and then use the acquired knowledge at work. 

Comdata is also very supportive in terms of rapid career progression and development. In one year, I moved up three positions in the company, from call center operator, to mentor in the team, to customer care specialist, a job that really involves a very high level of responsibility. 

What I have achieved in a year at Comdata, I would never have been able to achieve in any other company. I have already recommended Comdata to a few people, so they also get a chance to be part of the amazing possibilities here. I’m really proud of where I work. 


How does this help your quality of life?

All the activities and tools that Comdata provides have a positive effect on my quality of life. For example, in my free time, I love helping people and organizations as a volunteer. Currently, during the war in Ukraine, our director has got us involved in supporting Ukrainian refugees. We have been helping them every day for several months now, with the full support of Comdata – to the extent that volunteering has currently replaced 100% of our working time. 

I’m really enjoying the volunteering, but I am also  looking forward to getting back to my job responsibilities, tasks, new challenges and, of course, my colleagues. I’m looking forward to doing my best to become even better at what I do, and I can’t wait to get involved in projects and activities at work. It’s wonderful that I feel at home at work and live for my job; if your job becomes your hobby, then you don’t feel like you’re working.


How does Comdata support you to work flexibly?

First of all, there is confidence and trust on the part of Comdata. My response to that trust is a strong feeling of loyalty, and an effort to achieve the best possible work results. 

I get regular and honest feedback on the quality of my work, which helps me see where I can improve further, and I get frequent training that takes my expertise to a higher level. We also have regular meetings with other colleagues where we share our experiences and improve thanks to each other. 

I should also mention that there is a fully supported home office for most jobs, where we can communicate perfectly with colleagues through digital tools, and where the communication methodology is really perfectly thought out. 

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