“Comdata is an innovative employer, where women can succeed and grow.”

What makes Comdata a great place for women to work?

Comdata is a great place to grow your career and feel supported as a woman.

The Casablanca sites (in Morocco), of which I am a part, have a higher percentage of women employees than men, and women are well represented at all levels of the hierarchy and in various professions.

In my experience, certainly, Comdata is an innovative employer, where women can succeed and grow with tons of opportunities.

In addition, we shouldn’t forget all the other initiatives supported by Comdata, all of which are equally important and innovative and deal with different subjects, but all of which ultimately have one thing in common: people. Comdata really does care about people.

So, yes, I’m happy to be a Comdata employee, opportunity is everywhere!


What excites you about the Women@Comdata initiative?

As well as supporting diversity, which is very good, the Women@Comdata initiative is a great project with a smart strategy.

It’s a project spread out over time, following stages and putting forward priorities in terms of needs, something that makes me personally confident as a Comdata employee. Knowing that there is a working group dedicated to this project, and that it is carried and supported by the ExCo, proves to me that the subject is taken seriously. It shows me that the objective behind it really is to provide a fulfilling work environment for women and to create opportunities for the next generation.

 And of course, I am proud to be part of a company that supports the fight for equality, promotes diversity and inclusion, and values female talent.


How have people helped you in your own career and how are you helping others? 

Being the first Chief Happiness Officer in Morocco, and facing a totally new mission in a new profession that had never existed before, the first thing that comes to my mind is the trust that I have been given. A trust that has really helped and encouraged me in my career. 

This has paid off well, as I have continued to progress and evolve, I have been given new missions, and I have been promoted: today I am CHO and Manager for Social Innovation.

My role at Comdata is to provide a positive employee experience, and I don’t hesitate to reach out to help my colleagues in their daily lives and careers. Note that even the smallest of attentions and details can be of great help to colleagues: just listen to them, understand them, support them, and show empathy.

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