“Comdata is a fast-growing company that pays close attention to people."

Can you describe your role at Comdata?

As HSE Manager, I am the reference point in the company for the design, coordination, consultancy and technical-managerial support for processes relating to our health, safety and environment (HSE) ambitions, with the aim of contributing to the efficiency of the overall organization. I have the task of ensuring the implementation of all legal requirements relating to health and safety in the workplace, with a view to continuous improvement.

Working together with the relevant parts of the prevention and protection service, my team take care of risk assessment, prevention and protection measures and improvement  plans. We also take care of staff training and health surveillance of workers.


Why is your role in HSE so important to Comdata, its clients and its workforce?

Issues around health, safety and the environment are, and will be, increasingly central within a global market heavily impacted by the pandemic, by energy prices, and by the progressive increase in temperatures and pollution. 

Careful management of these complex issues is essential for any company, as it becomes an core element of corporate governance and competitiveness. For this reason, the role of the HSE manager is, and will be, increasingly central in public and private organizations in every sector.


What do you most like about your job at Comdata? 

What I like most about my work is the opportunity to tackle a variety of issues with a multidisciplinary, technical, legal and sometimes creative spirit. Comdata is a fast, innovative company that pays close attention to people and the environment in which they operate. They make you feel part of a team and this is really very fulfilling.

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