"Our R&D center gives us real strength in digital transformation."

Can you describe your role in Digital and what you like about it?

I am responsible for IT, Business Development, and R&D at Comdata Turkey. Within the scope of BPO services, my main goal is to develop current and new products and solutions that bring up-to-date technology solutions like automated CRM, chatbots, machine learning, big data, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, etc. to the fore. Together with my team, we are working on commissioning many projects that will guarantee customer satisfaction in our sector.

Our R&D center gives us real strength in all those aspects. Our main focus is to design new technology-based services for both domestic and foreign markets.Since digitalization is on the agenda of our clients, we attach great importance to development in this area. Our goal is to technologically support our customers’ current operations. In addition, we offer them the most up-to-date technologies with CRM-oriented digital transformation projects.

What I like most about the digital world is that it constantly evolves. Being curious about new developments and being able to recreate processes is the most exciting part of digital development. Secure digital technologies will improve the lives of those who have the skills to use them. 


What makes Comdata a leader in digital?

Today, we are experiencing a digital revolution, everyone lives with digital and uses it very effectively. It is now of great importance that you can digitize your business processes and invest in continuous development, both at home and abroad. We blend the needs of our customers with global experience, technology, and expertise. For example, we try to maximize the customer experience with technologies such as AI, machine learning, and omnichannel.

Digital technologies with constantly developing innovation, which can fully meet the needs of customers, create a competitive advantage. Comdata has structured itself in this direction, and so we win awards for our new technologies from the world’s leading organizations. 

Comdata has strong IT and technology capabilities because our own origins are in ICT.  We observe the digital world, we use digital tools and we learn new things about digital transformation every day. I am excited and motivated to be a part of an innovative and award-winning organization that invests in and develops technology. 


What should we look out for in Digital Innovation in BPO in the next few years?

The value of digitalization will increase and it will become widespread in every channel of customer service as brands observe the benefits they win from digital transformation. Artificial intelligence and big data analysis are the most important topics of the future. With the increasing importance of big data, companies will improve operational efficiency, cost reduction, and customer experience. Robotic process automation, the internet of things, resource planning, and process automation will maintain their importance.

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