Oliver Patrick

“Management’s willingness to listen has supported my success.”

Can you describe your role at Comdata?

As Facility Manager, my role is to ensure a safe and comfortable work environment for the workforce. That involves a wide range of responsibilities and tasks, from guaranteeing the maintenance of the infrastructure (buildings, electricity and plumbing, air conditioning …. )  to providing all the necessary furniture for my colleagues.  


How does your role support the success of Comdata, its clients and its people?

By creating a pleasant working environment that meets the needs of employees, I can contribute significantly to the proper performance of their tasks. 

Then, in turn, by completing their tasks effectively, our teams contribute to the satisfaction and success of our clients, which in turn makes Comdata successful. 

In addition, having well-maintained buildings, equipment and materials presents a good image of Comdata to our clients and others and helps to win their trust.

How does Comdata support you to work successfully? 

Through the trust and autonomy that the management grants me. And also through their flexibility, their willingness to listen, and the fluidity of communication. All of these things help me a lot to evolve in my activities, and are the main keys to my success.

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