“I feel very welcomed by my colleagues and team leaders.”

What’s your experience of diversity & inclusion at Comdata? 

My experience of diversity and inclusion at Comdata has been very positive. For various reasons, I live in a different city to the one I’m originally from, and so the culture and daily habits are quite different to the ones I´m used to. But this hasn’t been any impediment to my ability to progress in my workplace.


Why are diversity & inclusion at work so important to you?

I have felt very welcomed by my colleagues and team leaders here and I consider this to be very important. It allows me to have a good work environment, to achieve my objectives and, therefore, to achieve everything that Comdata expects of me and all my colleagues.


How does Comdata support diversity & inclusion? 

Comdata supports diversity and inclusion by providing jobs to people like me who come from abroad and are looking for an opportunity to progress in a workplace. In addition, Comdata´s facilities are perfectly adapted for all kind of needs.

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