“I really enjoy this element of finding new ways to improve the customer experience and journey.”

Tell us about your role in Digital at Comdata?

As a leading force in BPO, Comdata is at the forefront of digital solutions offered to our clients, and part of my role in Digital is to look for opportunities for improvement. I really enjoy this element of finding new ways to improve the customer experience and journey.

For example, I noticed that there was some back and forth between the agents and customers when a damaged item was delivered. The customer needed to send a picture showing the damage before we could replace it. We spotted the opportunity to implement a piece of software widely used by emergency services to assess the condition of a patient, using a live video stream.

This software has greatly reduced resolution times and also allows us to offer real-time support.


What new directions is Comdata taking in the digital field in BPO?

We are always looking for the best digital solutions for our clients so their customers can have a high-quality experience when interacting with our agents.

For example, we are probably one of the few companies to offer WhatsApp as an option to our customers to get in touch with us. Eaglemoss is one of our first clients to agree to test it and offer it to their customers.


What should we look out for in Digital Innovation in BPO in the next few years?

Technologies such as RPA (robotic processing automation) and AI. Both of these will help performance to become more transparent and efficient. Whether it’s cognitive analytics to redefine scenario analysis, crowdsourcing to improve reach and creativity, or mobile analytics to unlock real-time performance management, the potential for digital solutions to transform BPO is considerable.

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