“At Comdata, I feel appreciated professionally.”

Can you tell us about the office where you work?

I work for Comdata in Madrid, in Naturgy sales services; I really like the brightness and spaciousness of the office where I work.

In addition, the work environment is the best I have had during my 20 years of experience working in call centers. The company, the bosses and also the co-workers from other areas – they all treat you politely and listen to what you have to say.

They make you feel that what you say or think, matters and that it’s valued. 

At Comdata, I definitely feel appreciated professionally.


How has training helped you in your career at Comdata?

At Comdata I have learned everything about sales, sales techniques and listening to the agents. 

Also, thanks to the IT applications we have, I can understand the information to do my job better day by day.


And what aspect of working at Comdata has been most important for your career?

I have been working for 20 years in call centers, from operator to customer services, to sales, HR and team leader. Comdata is the first company I have worked where they value the employee, make you feel important, and believe that your opinion matters.

You work as a team, you work together and you look for solutions. You also learn to listen and appreciate the opinions of the rest of the team to achieve a common objective. That’s been really important for me.

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