“I’m proud to play a part in the growth and evolution of talent.”

Can you describe your role at Comdata?

I support learning and development across our team, and I promote activities inthe working environment that enable us to attract and retain talented employees.


Tell why your role is so important to Comdata’s success?

For me and for Comdata, this role has great importance because I am responsible for the development of my co-workers. This is a very important element in our human resources management because it lets us transform and develop someone from the start of their working relationship with the company and then throughout their career here. We are responsible for creating good experiences and maximizing the potential of all employees in order to reach our collective goals. 


What are you most proud of in your job?

I’m very proud to play a part in the growth and evolution of human talent, and to have the opportunity to engage with my colleagues and to share with them goals, challenges, and fun.

I’m also proud that we make a positive impact on colleagues, and am very pleased and proud that they recognize the work and effort that that we put into everyone’s wellbeing.

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