Public sector

At Comdata, we have acquired strong expertise in managing the front-office and back-office services that allow users to interact with the public sector.

A genuine public service culture runs through our teams, which means they exceed your customers’ expectations while respecting your sector’s values and the challenges you face.

With our support, you can take the steps required to improve the accessibility and quality of the services you provide. To help with this, we implement responsive and powerful tools to manage citizen and user relations.

We also foster and encourage a “public service” mentality by providing a cutting-edge and first-class service to all users. As part of our approach, our mentoring and training/quality teams regularly coach all advisers on their public service mission.

We set up various multichannel front-office and back-office services:

  • Citizen relations center: information, file tracking, advice, etc.
  • Helplines
  • Social action support
  • Value-added information sharing (outbound contact)
  • Information and awareness campaigns
  • Crisis management
  • Appointment making
  • E-administration
  • Document and administrative management
  • Accounting tasks and reminder/debt collection for debtors
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