Why is it worth exploring improvements in the Back-Office?

Regardless of the business sector, companies must reinvent their operations to adapt to the digital age. In this new environment, consumers increasingly interact with brands and expect much more of the customer experience. They are eager to compare and express their opinions, both positive and negative. It is crucial to demonstrate excellence in managing customer interactions and processes throughout the customer journey, in both front and back-office operations.


Most businesses focus their efforts and investment in front-office management. This choice produces visible wins in the short term. It results in good KPIs and SLAs for quality management, productivity and satisfaction of front-office operations. Because of these favorable conditions, businesses ultimately turn to outsourcing to optimize and adapt the costs of customer interaction management.

However, they are only considering the tip of the iceberg. The efficiency and flow of the back-office has a sustained and structuring effect on customer satisfaction and cost control. Back-office management remains a critical, complex and costly component for many organizations. A lack of fluidity and agility in this area together with exponential dysfunction can have a severe impact on the customer experience and on repeated interactions handled by the front-office.

In this area, companies must tackle some clear challenges, although they are difficult for internal teams to address. This includes:

  • A lack of visibility of team productivity and how customer questions are handled
  • An inability to track and manage SLAs and KPIs related to their business
  • The growing complexity of tasks, especially the need to communicate directly with customers
  • Difficulty in optimizing processes that often involve multiple information systems, multiple departments or external partners
  • A need to invest massively in process automation (Business Process Management)


In a changing environment, businesses also face significant difficulties with change management, which is necessary to spread a culture of continuous improvement (multiple channels, technologies, product evolution and service strategy).

With B2C as well as B2B, transforming back-office management, combined with better integration with front-office operations, represents an excellent and often untapped source of improved customer satisfaction, efficient customer operations and financial gains.


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