Smart speech and text analytics can transform Customer Management: Comdata Brasil shows how

Comdata Group recently won two awards in Brazil’s prestigious Premio ClienteSA 2020, which honour best practice and excellence in customer relationship management. The two awards recognise our expertise in quality and speech analytics, helping clients smart data to improve their customer management and value.

Comdata was the only company in the quality and speech analytics segment to win an award, positioning it as a leader and innovator in this field in Brazil. The expertise being developed in Brazil is also adding value for our other clients across the world.


The Premio ClienteSA ceremony saw Comdata pick up two leadership awards, in front of an audience of 300 executives from across the BPO, retail, telecoms, finance, construction, rewards & benefits, health and insurance sectors. The awards stemmed from work for two multinational businesses – Telefonica / Vivo and Cetelem – with the prizes recognising the level of quality, innovation, customer service and added value provided by Comdata. 

  • The Telefonica / Vivo award, for Leadership in Strategic Partnership Projects, related to a project where Comdata used its expertise in advanced speech and quality analytics to analyse Telefonica / Vivo’s contact with its end-customers, looking at voice and email interactions. Comdata’s digital team provided a range of intelligence and insights, such as which approaches provide most effective query resolution and sales results.
  • The Cetelem award, for Leadership in Strategic Projects, was for a project where Comdata used sophisticated speech and text analysis of customer contacts to provide insights on the most successful agent profiles for different aspects of CMO. This enabled Cetelem to develop more commercial profiles and more technical profiles, among others, in order to direct calls more effectively.

In both cases, Comdata Group’s use of smart analytics to produce insight helped the businesses improve their decision-making and customer relationship management.


“Comdata’s business in Brazil is recognized for its expertise on digital analytics and diagnostics, carrying out advisory and monitoring work and providing business insights. We can focus on anything from quality scores per agent, to evaluating the service provided by third party suppliers, to wider strategies for how to improve customer journeys,” says Comdata Country Manager in Brazil, Jose Octavio Fernandes. 

“We provide these services for leading players in the telecoms and financial services sectors, including in the past ten months acquiring three major clients who are household names in Brazil. These new client wins and implementation of the projects took place during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown – a sign of the high levels of resilience and adaptability we have shown in Brazil and globally during this difficult time,” he continues.

Comdata also worked on proof of concept tests with other new clients in Brazil this year, again during the pandemic. 


The award wins, the new client projects and the concept tests in Brazil demonstrate the added value that quality and speech analysis can bring to clients’ sales processes, customer experience and customer management.

Jose Octavio Fernandes explains in more detail: “Through our ability to analyse large volumes of data from different channels, such as voice, emails, WhatsApp and others – we add value to clients’ customer management. For example, we can help them improve the quality and efficiency of their customer interactions, understand customer behaviour, identify customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction, optimise their omnichannel customer journey, and evaluate the service provided by third parties.”

The practical value this can deliver becomes clear when you consider the wide-ranging examples of the insights that Comdata analytics can provide for clients. For example, taking text from customers’ recordings and text files, the team in Brazil uses smart analytics and machine learning to detect emotions expressed on a call or patterns in the way calls are conducted. This can be transformational. For example, it can enable clients to understand the causes of friction, identify at-risk customers, improve agent recruitment and training, increase first-call resolution, boost performance, identify opportunities for cross-selling or upselling, and much else besides. 


For customer-facing companies, these options are particularly valuable in the current business environment. According to McKinsey & Company*, consumer behaviour across all aspects of their lives has changed radically in response to the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown, and companies must rethink how they connect with their customers. Furthermore, these new behaviours may show significant variations and fluctuations. Comdata speech and quality analytics can be a powerful, timely and cost-effective tool for companies as they seek to detect and understand new consumer behaviour trends, and assess whether emerging patterns are temporary or permanent.

According to Jose Octavio Fernandes, “Now more than ever, every business wants to improve the customer experience, optimise loyalty and satisfaction, and thereby boost retention and sales. Comdata’s quality and speech analytics expertise can help our clients unlock opportunities to do this, and to navigate the new normal after Covid-19.”


Our experience and achievements in Brazil also benefit clients and their customers well beyond Latin America. Through our centres of excellence in Sao Paulo and Manizales (Colombia), we are constantly developing and implementing new solutions and applications for clients for voice and text analysis using machine learning. We then disseminate this knowledge to Comdata Group and our clients in other regions and sectors, knowing that the analytics solutions are already tested and successful in the field.. 

As the world looks beyond Covid, the ability to deploy these analytics solutions is becoming more and more important. In its recent studies on how to navigate the ‘next normal’ business landscape and consumer, McKinsey & Company* advised that companies should start locking in practices that speed up (and improve) decision-making and execution. In developing these analytics solutions in Brazil and sharing them more widely across different regions, Comdata Group is offering companies precisely the capabilities advocated by McKinsey – the ability to make better-informed, higher-quality and accelerated decisions. 

As a result, Comdata clients across different customer-facing sectors will be able to achieve more effective customer management. Telefonica / Vivo, Cetelem and the Premio ClienteSA in Brazil recognised this. Other regions and other Comdata Group clients and their customers also have an opportunity to benefit from it.

*McKinsey & Company, “Meet the next-normal consumer’ (August 2020); “From thinking about the next normal to making it work”, May 2020


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