Market spotlight on Mexico: key trends and opportunities in customer management

Mexico is a big-name location in customer management BPO, in particular as a nearshoring center for North America. Comdata is right in the heart of the market, with three locations across Mexico City and over 2300 people working there. From his seat at the center of the action in customer management in Mexico, Jesus Bermejo, Comdata’s General Manager for Latam Central, gives an expert analysis of this key nearshoring market and the key trends and opportunities there.

First of all, Jesus, can you give us a snapshot of customer management BPO in Mexico? Is it ‘typical’ for the region or does it have any unique or special characteristics?

It’s a mixture of both, in fact. There are certainly some aspects that set Mexico apart, such as culture and language ability. But in other senses, it is very typical.

So, let’s talk about the specificities first – the culture, economy, and particular strengths.

Firstly, Mexico stands out in Central Latam because it’s a robust economy. It has a population of almost 130 million, is the second largest economy in Latin America, and it’s a G20 economy. That offers brands operating here or nearshoring a really rich, deep talent pool.

Secondly, you have Mexico’s multiculturality. Undoubtedly, Mexico today is a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic and multi-local country, insofar as its population is not only characterized by its linguistic and sociocultural diversity but also by the mobility of its citizens, both inside and outside the country. Again, that makes it very attractive as a BPO location because you have a workforce with strong linguistic and cultural affinities with different groups. We have excellent bilingual (Spanish and English) and trilingual (Spanish, English and French) profiles around the country.

That’s the root of Mexico’s high status as a nearshoring market for North American brands. BPO providers have been offering high-quality nearshoring services here for over a decade. 

So, that decade has also developed a deep pool of people with customer management experience?

Exactly. Mexico stands out in the region in terms of its strong customer management experience, skills and technical knowledge. 

I saw some research recently that found the number of experts in CX in medium and large companies in Latin America has increased from 17% to 19% since 2020, well above the world average (9%). And in Mexico, the percentage is even higher since 23% consider themselves leaders in CX, even above Brazil, where the figure is 16%. 

We see this at all levels when we recruit in Mexico – there’s genuine expertise and talent in this country, whether you’re looking at agents, coaches, managers, operations, technology and so on.

You also said that Mexico is ‘typical’ in some respects. Can you tell us more about that?

Of course. In CX, in 2022, clients are a fundamental part of achieving internal and commercial objectives. For organizations, business success translates into a methodological and empathic change that, strategically, must improve over time. The total CX has gradually evolved from models focused on the product or service to those that put the customer at the center of the conversation. 

This is how the market and the CX expectation have evolved in Mexico, and it also applies in other markets too. So, in that respect, we are typical in Mexico, and at Comdata Mexico, we are delivering great success in terms of putting the customer at the center of the conversation and meeting consumer and client expectations.

Are there any sectors that we should highlight in terms of their importance in Mexico BPO?

For Comdata Mexico, I’d highlight the importance of telecom, streaming, energy, automotive, e-commerce and finance. 

Plus there are also important emerging markets such as start-ups, ‘soonicorns’ and fintech. In the past five years, these types of companies have been well accepted in Mexico, reaching up to 15% market share. 

What are the significant trends in CX in Mexico in 2022?

When I talk to our Comdata teams and clients in Mexico, a number of trends crop up regularly in the conversation:

  • Solutions designed 100% focused on CX
  • Focus on omnichannel solutions. Consumers want the CX to be omnichannel and seamless. They want to contact you by phone one day, by WhatsApp another day, by chat on another issue, and they want all their relevant information to be accessible instantly across all platforms.
  • Employee experience: our people have to be engaged, enabled and continually upskilled in order to deliver the best service and make best use of new technologies.
  • Artificial intelligence: how to use it most effectively to deliver efficiencies for brands, optimize investment, and maximize value. 
  • Remote and hybrid work patterns, and how to not just maintain the level of CX when people are working remotely, but to use these new patterns to improve efficiency, employee experience and  CX.
  • Security and compliance are not new ‘trends’ because they have always been a core part of our operations, but there is always an imperative to deliver continuous improvement and innovation in order to deliver excellence in these spheres.

At Comdata Mexico, all these trends are at the front of our minds, and our ability to deliver on them is a strong differentiator for us in Mexico, Central LatAm and more widely.

In many markets, people are excited about the metaverse and how brands can make use of it. Is this happening in Mexico too?

Yes, the metaverse – or metaverso, as we call it here – is a massive opportunity. 

The metaverse is the evolution of the Internet with virtual environments linked to each other, where connected people can interact in an experiential experience. Essentially, it’s a new immersive version of the Internet. For example, instead of viewing digital content on a computer, we may wear virtual reality headsets to move around digital environments in 3D. 

In Mexico people are starting to use this new technology and are very excited about it. Brands and companies will have to prepare for it, because the metaverse proposes a platform very different from the Internet we use today.

So, we’ve talked about these trends – which Comdata is turning into significant opportunities. Are there any challenges relating to CX, consumer behavior, or regulation in Mexico? 

The generations give us a lot to talk about. Every day, the treatment that each of them demands evolves, so there’s a challenge to know their preferences and stay up-to-date with them. Consumer behavior and the customer journey have changed forever, and companies need to be ahead to understand their customers and employees across all touchpoints.

Of course, we are here to help them with this. Comdata Mexico is always attentive to these changes and supports brands to meet expectations, improve the CX, and create customer loyalty.

Another challenge – or should I say opportunity – we have in Mexico is how to persuade and support brands to use predictive analysis, machine learning and artificial intelligence to generate better customer management opportunities.

And one final question for you – given these opportunities, challenges and trends, and given the strengths that differentiate Comdata in Mexico, where do you want to be in one year’s time?

That’s simple. I want to see us growing exponentially, adding to our three sites here, creating many new job opportunities, and generating more value for more brands!

We’d love to talk to you about how Comdata Mexico can help you achieve your brand ambitions and objectives in Central Latam, North America and elsewhere. Talk to us to discover what we can do for you!


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