Comdata, a preferred business partner in the digital economy

For three years now, Comdata has worked alongside the world leader in ride-hailing business, supporting its growth and development. Through structured and responsive organization, Comdata’s teams are ready to assist this constantly growing global player. Here we focus on this partnership’s keys to success.

Working with a company from startup to multinational in just three years is one of the many challenges Comdata has faced! Since 2015, the structure deployed to serve this global leader in passenger car transport has evolved from 15 to 1,000 employees, from 1 to 40 business lines and from 2 to 6 languages. The pace picked up rapidly, with Comdata’s teams consulted at the start of the partnership about the need to process top priority complaints by e-mail with customers and drivers in the French market. These teams expanded in line with company’s growing volume of business and number of activities.

Today, Comdata operates in a dozen or so countries (EMEA, Canada and Gulf States) processing queries via e-mail, phone and chat, approving documentation and conducting marketing campaigns, etc. One of its latest missions was to assist the company with its food home-delivery business. Comdata’s teams now handle a range of stakeholders, including customers of the car transport and food-delivery businesses, drivers, riders and restaurants. Since the partnership began, this sector leader has maintained a policy of outsourcing and a focus on quality delivered

Agile, responsive and trustworthy
Some of the qualities that appealed to this global leader in mobility are: service quality, a shared vision of customer experience, meticulous management of performance indicators and day-to-day support to an ever-growing business. Comdata’s teams also had to demonstrate their agility and responsiveness, key contributors to this developing partnership.

From the very outset, they have worked closely with the company’s teams, setting up all the processes needed to deliver on quality and performance. Comdata’s organizational and operational structures are now complete and to meet the increase in business and deliver Comdata’s target customer experience, a global program director and cross-markets support teams work daily to improve service performance.

A global support presence
From a human resources perspective, such constant and rapid growth requires highly effective recruitment processes and sourcing techniques. Comdata’s recruitment teams are seasoned experts with an in-depth knowledge of the changing market and preferred candidate profiles, while maintaining close working relations with customers. This close partnership helps it respond more effectively to specific needs, most of which involve multilingualism.

A global client for us means an organization that requires specific guidance. For each of its international clients, Comdata takes pride in ensuring free-flowing communication, in standardizing business practices and in demonstrating its responsiveness in the projects deployed throughout the countries where its dedicated teams are present. Comdata is an international player with a global presence in 22 countries and various multilingual hubs.

Comdata is standing by to help its client pursue its strategy to develop new services and markets. This major player in the digital economy and mobility services is a highly innovative company that knows no bounds, constantly evolving and looking to revolutionize the sector. To keep pace with this ambitious customer, Comdata advocates proactivity, flexibility and adaptability, and is quick to deliver new ideas.

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