Comdata launches Comdata Digital

Companies are nowadays mobilized on managing customer journeys as a THE major differentiation actor, and driver of value creation. This becomes even more critical as the final customers are now empowered to easily communicate their satisfaction or dissatisfaction to a worldwide potential audience, through social media.

This journey is not simply a front-end relationship management: it is a marketing, logistics, accounting, and IT responsibility. The traditional company silos must be dispensed with if companies are serious about managing a new customer journey efficiently.
This implies a revised perspective – able to view customer journeys front to end and adapt its management accordingly.

At Comdata, we’ve recognized this trend years ago, and have helped many of our customers rethink their approach along these lines. True to that, nearly one-third of our nearly 10,000 Italian agents do not work on voice-based front-end services for our clients, but on helping our clients to implement efficient, productive, and cost-effective back office processes. 

To do that, our clients need various critical competencies, orchestrated to work seamlessly together:

  • Customer surveys & market trend assessment
  • Service innovation
  • Multichannel strategy
  • Back and front office processes redesign and implementation
  • Customer journey optimization, digitalization, and automation
  • Data analytics
  • Omni channel tools
  • Performance monitoring tools and experience

We’ve now further developed these services by merging diversified experiences and expertise throughout the countries where we operate: for instance, Colorado consulting, now available worldwide has helped numerous international companies rethink their approach to customer journey and modify their organizations and processes accordingly.

Comdata’s Delta Software team was able over the years to turn the understanding of customer interactions and delivery processes into best-in-class tools, intricately woven into our client’s existing systems (e.g. ERPs CRMs and other legacy systems) and into customer processes. We have pioneered virtual agents, RPA, automated chat dialogues, and back office digitization and processes control – and today deliver cost-effective digital solutions to tens of customers, handling millions of transactions monthly.

This capability, implemented for many years in Italy, is now developed and organized internationally, to be offered to our 500 clients worldwide, as we grow: a borderless organization for a borderless world, in the new digital age.


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