Customer service: excellence or nothing!

In most industries, customer relations do not stop at the purchase. The customer often needs to interact with the brand to get advice or solve a problem, and each contact must be efficient, immediate and fluid. The result: customer satisfaction and cost optimization for the brand.

Today’s Millennials – born between 1980 and 2000 – are the most active customers and make their own particular set of demands. They want to be able to interact with brands whenever they want, receive answers within the hour, and get all this regardless of the channel they use.

Companies sometimes have difficulty translating this reality into customer service. Yet this is what makes the customer service difference: those who meet these requirements can win customers and ensure their loyalty.

In addition to having these expectations, consumers no longer hesitate to express an opinion – positive or negative – via social networks, messaging apps etc. It’s not easy, then, for brands to position themselves. Consumers trust the opinions of their friends or other Internet users more than brands’ customer service teams. It’s therefore necessary to innovate constantly.

A customer calls you on Facebook? Contact them through this channel in your next interaction. Another customer spends a lot of time on their smartphone? Provide your customer service on WhatsApp. Be where your customers are, and talk to them!

This is the strategy adopted by Fnac Darty, which, with Comdata, has recently been offering a customer service option via chat messaging that responds to customer requests in a single conversation. This system has enabled the brand to increase its NPS by more than 10 points! Building on this success, the brand is testing a service for its premium customers on WhatsApp.

In addition, the assistance of customer service advisors with solutions based on artificial intelligence and robotics is enabling Fnac Darty and Comdata to develop the efficiency and quality of the service provided to the customer, while saving time and money.


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