Customer Care

New Customer Experience expectations mean your customer journeys and business processes move up a gear to meet them, as they have drastically changed. Comdata can help you with that. 

Reinventing your customer journey

Did you know that the most successful brands are reinventing their customer journeys? With Comdata’s help.

Watch our new video and see how Comdata is with brands at every step of the customer journey as you tackle your challenges - whether you’re proposing your offer, answering customer requests, offering technical help, managing payment issues. It’s the Comdata difference and it’s working for brands all over the world.

#Comdata Smart Hub

Comdata’s response to the pandemic showed that Work@Home is a viable long-term option. It’s people-centric, it’s flexible, and it’s the future. That’s why we developed Comdata Smart Hub, extending our existing on-site delivery model to a connected Work@Home delivery model. Now we have the best of both worlds, with our new advanced model integrating operational and management best practices, world-class security standards and business continuity.

Success story with Samsung

We’re excited to present our new video showing how we worked with Samsung during the pandemic to make the transition from in-person customer experience and customer care to digital. It’s a real success story and a great case study to learn from. The switch from physical to digital is more important than ever right now, and companies have to adapt in order to continue serving their customers and offering great consumer experience, wherever they are. At Comdata, we have designed powerful remote support tools to make this possible. We’ve also trained our agents to support our clients during the transition. By combining human and intelligent tools with your existing channels, we help you significantly enhance your customer experience – just as Samsung did.

Client story: Sky Italia

We are happy to partner with our client Sky Italia in the launch of its new product #SkyWifi which offers an optimised streaming quality and content uploads at all times, even at peak times and regardless of how many devices are connected. After transforming the way millions of families experience TV, Sky wants to change the way people experience connectivity, with a service that guarantees a radically different "broadband experience". From Bittrito, Italy, we have more than 200 people working to support Sky customers' needs, using their IT and communication skills to offer tailored customer service and make a tangible difference in every interaction.

Supporting our clients in Customer Management digital transformation: Comdata Digital

Multilingual hub in Bucharest: a people-centric model


Global companies are often looking for multilingual capabilities for different reasons: scalability, people management, global standards, consistency and operational excellence. At the same time, customer interactions are becoming more complex so customer care centres are being transformed to support the whole customer journey through the best blend of digital channels and human touch.

In Comdata we are expanding our services to global clients through a specific delivery strategy focused on a People-centric approach to ensure that the customer experience is consistently high quality.

Our Multilingual Hub in Bucharest is the perfect example of this tailor-made strategy for global clients.

Retail & Recovery: FNAC Darty insights

Christophe Famechon, Head of Customer Service at Fnac Darty and Frederic Donati, CCO at Comdata Group discussed the recovery and New Normal for retail.

Comdata Smart Hub, our global work at home delivery model

Discover Comdata Smart Hub, our new advanced work at home delivery model, inspired by post-Covid lessons that will guide brand-consumer interactions in the new normal.

Key takeaways of the industry on smart-working

Steve West, CCO at Comdata UK and Patrice Mazoyer, Group Chief Transformation Officer at Comdata Group highlight the key takeaways from the round table about "smart working" that Comdata UK organised with decision-makers from major companies.

Delivering an internationally-consistent CX focused on the customer's local culture

Global companies need to adapt customer experience to different cultures through the right combination of people, innovation and process.

🎥 Go behind the scenes of a high-quality multi-geographic CX.

How smart algorithm can crack the recontact issue

In customer care, the level of recontact is a key indicator of customer satisfaction. Comdata has developed a smart algorithm to reduce recontact rate. The results: increase of the customer satisfaction and significative cost reduction.

Client story: Engie

Improving back-office efficiency through outsourcing. Interview with Fabrizio Moioli, Head of Credit Management and Customer Services and COO, Engie Italia.

Client story: Nissan

Multilingual hub outsourcing to grab complex business opportunities. Interview with Guillaume Langle, Director of Customer Satisfaction and Training, Nissan Automotive Europe.

Comdata 2019 - We are Makers

Corporate video of Comdata Group

Client story: Sanofi

For the past two years, Comdata has been working with Sanofi to simplify the pharmacist's customer journey, strengthen the processing of value-added interactions and become the preferred supplier to pharmacists.

Customer Interaction & Process Management

Client story: Mediolanum Bank

Digitalization of the bank's back-office paperwork management.Interview with Pierluigi Vergani, Head of Banking Operations & ICTV

Client story: Eni Gas & Luce

Automation and monitoring in the redesign of the Eni Gas and Light customer acquisition process. Interview with Vincenzo Vigano, Head of CRM and Billing Retaiil, Eni Gas e Luce.

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