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As the world shuts down and its streets become deserted, the lifeblood of its economy continues to flow – not only in the office buildings but also inside the private homes of determined individuals and through the capillaries of the world wide web. With healthcare workers saving lives on the front line, the battle against coronavirus is also being conducted by second-line people, so that when, as it must, this pandemic passes, life, and the means by which it is lived, can resume.

The importance of our jobs for people

The transfer of tens of thousands of agents from fully-equipped offices to their homes was completed like clockwork. In Istanbul, Rafet, a customer service advisor in e-commerce and retail, praised the efficiency of his IT colleagues.

Comdata gave us computers and monitors to take home, we tested them on site first,  and connected them at home, first to Comdata’s network and then to the outside world. I couldn't believe that it was handled so quickly. I'm really impressed that Comdata managed to achieve it so fast.”

The service to the customers was not interrupted at all because they only sent a few people home at a time, while other colleagues continued to work in the office. The secret is in the planning.” But even the best of planning cannot foresee every problem that arises in a day’s work for customer service representatives. 

Our client’s furniture warehouse is in France, which is in lockdown, so a lot of the orders are delayed and usually people get very upset when they don't get what they ordered, but in  this exceptional situation most of them understand.” Rafet says. 

Nearly two thousand miles away in Istanbul, Rafet is patiently listening to international customers, contributing to find the most unexpected solutions. 

For example, an apartment building in Paris had such a narrow staircase that the furniture ordered  by a lady did not fit. “I had to tell her that the delivery men wanted to take the article inside but it was just going to be impossible.” The situation was finally resolved when a hoist was arranged to take the furniture inside the apartment through an upstairs window. 

Another example when Rafet also found himself helping a distraught grandfather, who had bought his favourite granddaughter a special birthday present. “It was a bit emotional, a bit upsetting,” he recalls. “Her birthday was approaching and the delivery had not yet arrived. He was so disappointed and very worried that the delivery would not come on time. I made some calls and was able to reassure him that the delivery should arrive with minor delays. I wished him a good day for his granddaughter’s birthday and he was so happy.

“Those moments highlight how our jobs are important for our countries and people. And of course, we are proud to be part of it.”

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