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As the world shuts down and its streets become deserted, the lifeblood of its economy continues to flow – not only in the office buildings but also inside the private homes of determined individuals and through the capillaries of the world wide web. With healthcare workers saving lives on the front line, the battle against coronavirus is also being conducted by second-line people, so that when, as it must, this pandemic passes, life, and the means by which it is lived, can resume.

”It really brought the best out of people…”

With the virus quickly spreading across Europe, Daniele, a Human Resources Manager in Italy, helped oversee a massive collective effort to enable staff to work from home. A complex three-week operation is launched as coronavirus strikes.

Preparation Italy

I have seen a fantastic mobilization of our people during an exceptional and weird situation when we had to proceed out of our normal emergency processes ” says Daniele, HR Manager in Italy. 

In Italy, like everywhere in the world, Comdata advisors have been lining up at their offices in orderly queues – while keeping an appropriate distance - to collect the equipment that would enable a substantial part of them to keep the whole operation running from home.

They all left the office struggling to carry all this equipment, the company computer, the case, the monitor and the mouse, with the keyboard sticking out at the top. Seeing them respecting the safety distances was amazing and symbolic of how it was then, everyone wanting to carry on, cooperate and overcome the problems.”


Computers Italy

When an employee tested positive for COVID-19, news of a potential outbreak was splashed on the web pages of two local newspapers within minutes, fanning the flames of community concern. “The news spread throughout the city at the speed of light. We had to evacuate so we quickly left the site. We left in an orderly manner, one department at a time, very precisely, without fear or, at least, anyone who was afraid didn't show it.”

Four more cases followed in quick succession but an operation was already underway to make it possible for at least half the employees to work from home. “Allowing our people, advisors, staff or management to operate remotely took a lot of time and an outstanding effort. People were working 12 or more hours every day to prepare the networks, because we have many clients. It really brought the best out of our people, no one was worrying or complaining, just getting on with it as a world champion team.

Now we are concentrating on the quality delivered and on efficiency because our clients put their faith in us. In many cases, they have been patient but now we must achieve the levels of service and capacity we had before. Our people want to do good work and we are optimistic that we can perform with excellent results.”

Most of our people report they are glad to work in smart office. As a Human Resources Manager, Daniele is closely observing the emotional wellbeing of everyone working on site and at home. 

People have had to adjust in many ways. Some have children at home but continue to work with empathy for the customers of our clients. Everyone is mobilized and proud to contribute to maintain social bonding in our country”.

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