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Comdata, a proven catalyst of innovation adoption and sourcer of new technologies and Customer Management services, shared his insights on the state of digital transformation and how businesses can more effectively take the digital leap through embracing Business Process Outsourcing (BPO).


Digital transformation, although well known, is still in its infancy. Where some executives are brave enough to tackle digital transformation, it can also cause ripples of internal obstacles. That’s where Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) comes in and has an undeniable advantage. When you outsource, you are consciously deciding to improve a task or process, which applies to all facets of an organization, including overall digital adoption. Traditionally, companies will face silos of obstacles and resistance, and even if they overcome those, time will not be on their side.


Technology adoption, whether small or large, can inevitably be slowed down by various silos within an organization. Comdata prides itself on going outside of the normal silos with its offered outsourced services, which is something clients heavily rely on today. As a result, outsourced digital interactions create an adoption accelerator that overcomes traditional barriers.

One of the largest variables and traditional obstacles when trying to innovate is the true ‘speed-to-market’. With the constantly evolving technological landscape, agility becomes key to remaining relevant. However, if a process or technology goes through the traditional channels, it could take several years until that capability goes live. Within that time frame, technology has evolved, and projects need to be reconsidered for how it will impact their organization. As such, executives are facing a new level of fear. Fear of choosing a wrong path as they try to match that capability with speed, or worse, delaying a decision due to the unknown.

Comdata has become an expert at helping these businesses navigate the digital transformation landscape through embracing Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and overcoming traditional friction points. Inevitably, the digital transformational trend continues to be on the horizon. For some businesses, this is embraced, but for others, digital transformation is slow change that will soon be a requirement for survival. Comdata, however, will remain right in the middle of this and help steer new and existing customers accordingly.


The administrative hub, or back-office, of any organization is often the most difficult to transform. This is because the back-office is typically home to the most experienced employees, the most vital processes and the most embedded technologies. Even if it’s time to modernize and improve legacy processes or systems, disrupting any of these aspects of the business ecosystem could lead to total organizational collapse, and must be handled with a significant degree of caution. Overall, it leads to an outsourcing ‘truth’.

While some might see outsourcing as a sign of admitting defeat to a particular problem, it's rather the opposite. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) gives experts the chance to make an objective analysis of an organization's specific challenges and create unique solutions without interrupting normal workflow (or facing traditional barriers). There is perhaps no better example of this than in the case of process automation, which can boost efficiency, reduce costs, and lead to vast improvements in the quality and delivery of services.


​​​Five years ago, agents that were supporting a telecommunication client would typically be asked to handle and cross-sell up to 12 products. Today, that number is up to 40 products. This example not only serves as a strong validation of not only how the customer is evolving in their specific needs, but how a level of precision service will be required to retain customers in a way that Comdata continues to provide today.

Similarly, in the energy sector, the customer’s environment has grown immensely and, today, provides an offering of 10 packages to digital customers, which could actually be limiting to consumers who want self-service. Comdata recognized this, implemented self-service chat capabilities, and confidently has been able to build for all relevant client scenarios, not only adapting to the consumer needs, but also deploying capabilities to match the digital transformation.


The complexity of interactions is increasing and how customers are more willing to use self-channels versus rely on traditional support. Comdata has already changed the profile of a traditional call, along with the back-office activity, knowing that the customer is becoming more complex. As such, the new jobs of tomorrow will include a more sophisticated agent who is able to handle an equally sophisticated customer and match them in their knowledge and complexity. Overall, more agents will be able to understand and empathize with customers. Comdata is, and will continue to be, at the forefront.

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