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ENS Certification

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Last March, the certification entity APPLUS informed us of the pleasant news of having successfully passed the external certification audit, which determines the conformity with the mandates and criteria of the National Security Scheme (ENS), Medium Level category, of the Information System that supports the Help Desk/Service Desk service, for the personalized management centers (CGP), related to the resolution of communication incidents. Service provided from our work centres in Madrid and Málaga. 

Obtaining this certification positions us very favourably within the Contact Center sector, as we are part of the limited group of companies that have this accreditation. This is the reason why we congratulate and thank all the team that participated and made possible the achievement of this project.

But what is the National Security Scheme?  

The ENS is the legislative framework that allows private law entities linked to or dependent on Public Administrations to establish the security policy in the area of ​​electronic administration, offering and providing secure services to citizens and establishing the minimum conditions to ensure protection adequate information and data, ensuring in turn the exercise of rights and the compliance of duties through electronic media.

But security is an abstract term, which is why the ENS materializes it in five attributes: confidentiality, integrity, availability, authenticity and traceability, granting them greater effectiveness in assessing and subsequently mitigating risks.

The Scheme also facilitates a common language, homogenizes the security treatments and introduces common elements to guide the entities, being the National Cryptologic Centre (CCN) a fundamental entity with its continuous work of advising and global supervision of the security of those who are obliged by the norm.

What does obtaining the certification provide us?

Beyond compliance with Royal Decree 3/2010, of January 8, which regulates the National Security Scheme in the field of Electronic Administration, the certification endorses that:

The technology we use for the treatment and access to information, the controls and procedures that manage it follow the highest security standards.

  • We cannot forget that we are in the era of “open data” where the collection, exploitation and analysis of data require transparency and to generate a framework of trust that guarantees citizens the security of systems, especially when provision of services is performed in digital environments.
  • It reinforces the aforementioned trust that our Clients have placed in us in relation to the security of their information, in the massive process of working remotely, working outside the office or teleworking in which most of the organizations are immersed.
  • Last but not least, it allows us to opt for public tenders, future tenders, have a competitive advantage over other suppliers and objectively mark the difference. With the Resolution of October 13, 2016, of the Secretary of State for Public Administrations, public organizations must require in their contracting specifications that the private sector provider that participates in the provision of their services be in possession of the corresponding Certification in accordance with the ENS.


Signed. Mar Muñoz Head of Audit and Quality Spain & Latam

Signed. Pedro Moral Rubio - Head of Cybersecurity and Business Continuity Spain

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