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A delivery model both business and employee centric inspired on 5 post-Covid trends that will guide brand-consumer interactions in the new normal

Milan, August 3rd, 2020Comdata, one of the leading innovative global service providers in Customer Management, developed a new advanced work at home delivery model in Customer Management BPO to fulfil its clients’ needs and anticipate customers’ requests across geographies and industries: Comdata Smart Hub

This new delivery model is based on both client and employee centricity through an improved integration of operation management, data security and business continuity in the context of the “new normal”.

Comdata consolidates the experience of remote working, implemented during the pandemic, and turns it into a permanent delivery model based on a large volume of “work-from-home”, highly-skilled Comdata employees.

Every employee has been equipped with the most innovative digital tools for customer interaction: clients can interact virtually with Comdata teams at any time through a cloud solution and, consequently, customers can receive tailor-made solutions for their requests. Comdata developed this complex network internally thanks to its Digital Division, since years believing that technology should be invisible to customers and favour a seamless experience, with the highest security standards, during the customers journey. Comdata Smart Hub is built on best-in-class practices in terms of hiring, training and coaching remote teams. Comdata Smart Hub extends the on-site delivery model with a connected virtual model.

" Comdata took the “lessons” of the pandemic and turned them into a new and improved delivery model. Comdata Smart Hub promotes a holist change in Customer Management BPO thanks to a balanced mix of highest skills from our resources and attention to their personal needs, combined with use of the most innovative technologies and businesses growing expectations in terms of flexibility and increasingly customized solutions across geographies and industries", says Alessandro Zunino, Comdata Group CEO.

The new model also enhances the Group commitment to its teams bringing work close to people’s needs, thus becoming more attractive for highly skilled professionals and reducing impacts on personal life. All teams are strongly connected and engaged with colleagues and managers through internal networks. Since June, Comdata has been broadly implementing the model across all sites.

Comdata Smart Hub is the innovative Group proposition, developed to plan the best post-crisis scenario and to design the future of customer relationship. The model has been based on Comdata experience and internal analysis carried out with clients. During the last months, in fact, Comdata outlined 5 trends that will guide brand-consumer interactions in the new normal:

  1. Consumers’ behavior is polarized, also in countries less optimistic about economic recovery.
  2. From physical to remote buying, an evolution accelerated in any industry.
  3. More integration between BPO players and businesses.
  4. A more local approach, that pushes businesses to search for partners able to transfer skills globally and simultaneously manage local expectations.
  5. Re-thinking flexibility, that means handling physical, technical and logistics challenges, moving among clients, sectors, and projects, while also exploring new business models to positively engage with customers.

Comdata outlined the changes driven by the impacts of the pandemic highlighting the need to anticipate both businesses and customers’ requests. Across geographies and industries, people changed approaches, expectations, and necessities, and now businesses must operate in a completely new scenario. Comdata Smart Hub is the solution developed by the Group to help navigating the new normal.


Infographics Comdata Smart Hub


About Comdata

Comdata is a leading innovative global service provider in Customer Interaction and Process Management. We have been helping clients to maximize their customer value since 1987. Combining an international footprint with strong local expertise, our teams of over 50,000 passionate employees work in 30 languages across 4 continents and 22 countries. We offer a full range of services, from outsourcing of customer interactions and processes to customer experience consulting – all achieved with a smart blend of people, process and technology. Headquartered in Milan, Comdata had global revenues of approx. €1 billion in 2019, with more than 670 clients, including some of the biggest names in telecom, energy, banking, manufacturing, retail and e-commerce.

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