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Help and Service desk

Following the acquisition of the Help and Service Desk division from SMS, Comdata has recently launched in Spain & Latam a new business area which aims to provide a full range of Technical Assistance Services with a distinctive B2B approach.

Comdata's new Help and Service Desk
Typically, a Help Desk is utilized to resolve problems or provide technical support to various IT components (Software and Hardware). When a help desk is blended with service support, the result is a robust Help and Service Desk that provides a single point of contact (SPOC) between company services and its customers or employees, in a timely manner.

With outsource Help Desk traditionally being oriented to a business’s-to-consumer (B2C), Comdata has achieved a significant milestone in releasing a business-to-business (B2B) outsourcing model. This B2B platform comes with modernized capabilities and end-to-end control of the client network through its multiple locations all over the world, with the support of strong, visionary leadership behind it.

Building on a Strong Service Foundation & Enhancing B2B Capabilities
Comdata’s Help and Service Desk new area gives specialized technical support by granting end users a unique point of contact for communication infrastructure-related needs, whether in systems (such as setting up internet access for a home or office) or technologies (such as solving a specific, hardware-related problem). Comdata’s Help and Service Desk provides administrative support, technology support, ICT specialist support, and management & coordination services.
Through this new division, Comdata will provide 3 levels of service will be provided that are dependent on the client's needs: the first level consists of operators with general telecommunications knowledge, the second level consists of expert analysts who can give incident-specific feedback, and the third level consists of specialized product engineers who, when necessary, can contact manufacturers directly.

Ángel Parra, CEO of Comdata Spain and Latam, on Help and Service Desk
Ángel Parra, CEO of Comdata Spain & Latam shared, “I am convinced that the development of this area is fundamental for the future and it will allow us to continue giving our clients quality support service, which we already offer in all areas of the company.” Parra Continued, “Not only does this show our commitment to the exciting process of transformation and improvement of our support offices that we are carrying out, but also allows us to continue positioning ourselves as leaders in the sector.”

Comdata's new offer
With this new offer, Comdata supports more than 30 large companies in Spain & Latam with multiple locations all over the world from various sectors, including energy, banking, travel, public administration, media, and consumer affairs. The range of services offered is extremely broad and includes many highly areas of high expertise such as firewalling, switching, routing, load balancing, VoIP, and more. 
Comdata Spain & Latam manage more than 300,000 pieces of equipment and solve close to 50,000 incidents per year. With these metrics in mind, it's obvious that Comdata must prioritize flexibility in its approach to customer service. The new Help and Service Desk  division will enable Comdata to ensure the position as a market leader in this sector while addressing the growing needs of clients and increasing the speed of exceptional delivery. The development of the Help and Service Desk area is a symbol of Comdata’s commitment to innovation.

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