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The Code of Ethics contains a set of ethical and professional principles and values, such as the behavioural guidelines that the Comdata Group recognises, shares and applies at all levels.
The principles of the Code of Ethics are examples of the general obligations of diligence, fairness and loyalty that must qualify the performance of work performance and behavior in the workplace.

Comdata Group Code of Ethics EN

Comdata Group Code of Ethics TR

In compliance with Legislative Decree 231/01, the company has also adopted an organisation, management and control model aimed at preventing the commission of crimes considered potentially applicable among those listed in the list of the law.



If you suspect any misconduct or unethical behavior, please visit the Comdata Business Ethics Helpline website where you may report your concern.

This tool is accessible to employees and anyone who is in contact with the company and aims to encourage and facilitate the collaboration of everyone to prevent the occurrence of non-conformities or irregularities within the organization or to resolve them promptly, ensuring to the reporter the protection and confidentiality of the information provided, as well as anonymity if desired.

The Comdata Business EthicsHelpline website is based on the values fully expressed in our Group Code of Ethic and, as required by law, is hosted and managed by an external and independent company.

Whistleblowing Policy EN

Whistleblowing Policy TR


Work@Home and BYOD Policy

TheWork@Home and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Policy set forth the rules and the behaviors that each Comdata Group employee must adopt whenever has access to e-mail, applications, documents and other work tools, both in the workplace and elsewhere, through company and/or personal devices.

The Policy also identifies the security requirements to protect company data and information which can be accessed through the aforesaid devices.

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