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In many countries, deregulation and privatization of the market have been already implemented. In any case, customer-centric CRM solutions are tomorrow's challenge.

For example more than 20 years, we have built a steady expertise in the Energy/Utilities sector. Why do leaders of this sector trust us?

  1. We cover with efficiency the entire service offer, for customers as well as dealers, or the distributing network.
  2. We provide our clients with multi-channel, hyper flexible operational solutions, for front-office, sales administration, or back-office activities. We can add to your operations cutting-edge technologies and optimized back-office platforms, document management systems, which enables you to - provide your customers with an effortless experience - grow your business and improve your business efficiency - reduce the cost of you CRM operations.
  3. We have an unparalleled track record in the sector : - efficiency improvement by 10 to 30% for some back-office activities - some of our clients have been elected "Customer Relationship of the year" 11 years in a row in their country.